Escapes: Sideways Wine Tour

"No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any [ expletive ] Merlot!" - Miles, in Sideways
We're celebrating Labor Day by getting drunk, wanna come? The last wine tour we went on was up in the Bay Area, and the last thing we remember was swilling champagne at a vineyard...wait. Correction: The last thing we remember was the epic hangover the next morning. (Champagne Hangover of 2007 has trumped the Red Wine Hangover of 2005 in our book). This time around, we're going to explore Santa Barbara wine country with a few stops at the vineyards and restaurants featured in the movie Sideways.The actual Sideways wine trail is mapped out here, but feel free to add suggestions of things to do in Santa Barbara, more wineries to try, and wine hangover cures in the comments!