Essential Wall Dimmer

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What do you get when you combine carpeting and a light switch? Apparently the Essential Wall Dimmer, a most unique light switch made of conductive yarns, neoprene and acrylic which puts a soft spun tactile spin on the simple act of turning on or off the light. Just like myself at age 16, with the most gentle of touches, it turns on.

I could see this especially befit for a home with the elderly or with young children (you could teach them the importance of turning off their own light), in cases where limited eyesight, coordination and safety are an issue. The tufted light switch is available in 14 wall mount colours for $99, but the more I look at that tufted switch part, the more it looks like Tom Selleck's mustache. Still interested? Check out Gizmodo's video demonstration of a working prototype.


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