Etsy artist: Robert Reader of Isofoto

Etsy artist: Robert Reader of Isofoto

Nov 29, 2007

You may recall seeing Robert Reader's work when we found him in Etsy's photography section last month. Robert sent us some new images today telling us about a new series he posted to Etsy which is based in oversize Poloroid reproductions that measure 11.5" x 9".

In addition to his oversized Poloroid reproductions he also is continuing his photo series. Generally, his series combine five quirky, fun photos outlining a theme [surfing being a popular one]. Our favorite of the new pieces is titled Instant Memory. Maybe it's the shoes or the orange car but however you slice it is gooooood. Perhaps if we bought a surf themed picture for a gift we could justify purchasing one for us... which is the best kind of shopping.

check out his Etsy site for great framing and matting ideas or his fine art site if you just can't get enough of his goodness.

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