I have an orange bicycle hanging in my living room. Not a real bicycle, mind you. This one is an art print, and I love it. I don't have a bicycle yet (although I really want to get one, and have my eye on all sorts of pretties), but I love the bicycle form. I'm seeing it pop up all around the home lately, too—on pillowcases, totes, even toilet decals! I'm not talking about accessories made from recycled bicycle parts (although there is that, too). I'm talking about the plain ol' bicycle image, done up in style. Check out our roundup of 17 bicycle-themed Etsy finds we came across today:

  1. Vintage Bike Renewable Cotton Kitchen Towel from Zenthreads ($5)
  2. Tandem Personalized Art Print from SilhouetteBlue ($15)
  3. Vintage Bicycle Recycled Tote from PaisleyMagic ($19.99)
  4. Bicycle Subculture Letterpress Poster from monkeyrope ($20)
  5. Wall Art Decal from WowWall ($49.80)
  6. 10 Speed Pillowcase Pair from BranchHandmade ($18)
  7. Bikes Pillow in Red from JennaRoseHandmade ($58)
  8. Personalized Notecards from naomilynn ($12)
  9. Keep Calm and Ride On print from KeepCalmShop ($10)
  10. 1982 Schwinn Chalkboard Art print from ChalkChalk ($20)
  11. Red Lightening Speedster Print from hillarietasche ($15)
  12. Grunge Bicycle Pen & Ink Illustration from NanLawson ($10)
  13. Small Bicycle Decal from Heckfire ($10)
  14. Bicycle Key Rack from KnobCreekMetalArts ($14.99)
  15. Viridian Alice print from bicyclepaintings ($30)
  16. Bicycle Coasters from LittleKorboose ($25)
  17. Handpainted Penny Farthing Shower Curtain from CustomShowerCurtains ($75)