A Claw Foot Bathtub…Couch

A Claw Foot Bathtub…Couch

Tara Bellucci
May 3, 2011

How lovely it would be to relax in a deep claw foot tub, surrounded by candles with a good book? For those of us who rent or don't have the space for one of these classics in the bathroom, the crafty pair over at Ruff House Art make custom sofas from vintage claw foot tubs.

Inspired by Holly Golightly's tub couch, these Kansas-based designers will bring a bit of Breakfast at Tiffany's to your home. Starting with cast iron claw foot tubs from 1800-1900s, you can choose your own colors and fabrics for a completely custom statement piece!

MORE INFO: Ruff House Art

Images: Ruff House Art

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