Etsy Find: Fresh Brewed New York Greek Coffee Cup Candle

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We're thinking about sending this Fresh Brewed Coffee Cup candle to one of our New York pals. He came to visit us a few months ago, and he spent a good portion of his visit denouncing LA's lack of pizza, bagels, and good coffee. He also had a few choice things to say about the LA's public transportation system, but we'll leave that out of this.

This candle is 100% pure soy wax and smells like freshly brewed coffee. And the base is a ceramic replica of New York's most iconic cup.

Available at Candlevida's Etsy Shop.

UPDATE: Crap, this candle is sold out. Oh well, it looks like the only thing our New York friend is getting for Christmas is a phone call about how cold it is in LA. It's freezing, it's almost...70 degrees.