Etsy Find: There's Something in My Jello

This print of a jello mold with various inappropriate items is a fantastic piece for the kitchen! We love the slightly kitschy 60s flair of the shape and colors, and the playful choice of various "alien" items within...

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Mrsloaf has a small assortment of kitchen-themed prints with a vintage-inspired aesthetic that we love. The Jello Print is the one that originally caught our eye, and is a combination digital, silkscreen and block print. Available in two "flavors," Orange and Lime, Mrsloaf's jello prints were inspired by what she calls a "recent resurgence of Jello." Bompas & Parr, self proclaimed Jelly mongers are one of Mrsloaf's inspirations, as well as this article on Eat Me Daily on a particularly impressive Jello mold competition.

We love the throwback imagery and the bold colors of Mrsloaf's prints--seen also in her great popsicle and cafeteria tray prints. Long live the Jello mold!

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