Last weekend's unseasonably warm weather got us itching to get outdoors and garden. No, we don't have a yard for planting, but that hasn't stopped us and it shouldn't stop you, either. Here's a look at some Etsy items for creating a small home garden anywhere...
  • If you mean serious business, use this paper potter to create biodegradable pots out of newspaper for all your seedlings.
  • We also love these upcycled garden markers made out of old silver-plated utensils by Monkeys Always Look.
  • Keep a detailed list of everything you plant and their requirements (how much water to give, amount of sunlight needed, etc) in this little garden tools-covered journal, so you don't lose track of what's what before they sprout.
  • For low maintenance apartment gardening, stick a few pots in this metal carryall and transport them easily from inside to an outdoor balcony for sun, or to the sink for a little bit of water.
  • Or for a more polished look, plant a few succulents or herbs in this wood windowsill planter. The metal tins are removable for easy planting and watering.
  • More garden markers! These glazed ceramic markers can be customized for any plant you like.
  • We're very tempted to buy a pack of these Genoese basil seeds from Italian seller Garden Italy. Put them out on a balcony and enjoy the heavenly scent every time a breeze comes through your window.
  • A few of these succulents in porcelain planters could make a green thumb out of anybody - and they look good, to boot.