Natural History-Inspired Home Accessories

Natural History-Inspired Home Accessories

Kim Lucian
Feb 24, 2014
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I have always love the look of old fashioned "cabinets of curiosities" and am enjoying the resurgence of the trend in modern homes. These pieces are the perfect finishing touch for a room to throw off a too-polished design and add a bit of visual interest. Check below the jump for a few of my favorites, all sourced from Etsy.

1. Framed Purple Mountain Butterflies, $66 via Bug Under Glass

2. Fossilized Coral Oil Lamp, $295 from Light the Earth

3. Wooden Votive Candle Holder, $15 from Earth Gift

4. Honey Citrine Crystal Gemstone Rock Knobs, $7.50 from The Hob Knobery

5. Organic Gardening Kit, $22 from The Little Ragamuffin

6. Brown and Gold N1. 8x10 Print, $30 from Miles of Light

7. Blue Agate Geode Bookends, $48 from Sara Reynolds Jewelry

8. Mounted Turtle Shell Specimen, $250 from Specimen Box Shop

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