Etsy Roundup: 12 Geek Chic Decor Items For Your Desk

Etsy Roundup: 12 Geek Chic Decor Items For Your Desk

Laura E. Hall
Feb 17, 2011

Desk accessories are a great way to project your personality at work, but the days of themed mousepads are mostly behind us. These twelve items from Etsy artisans will help you achieve a well-appointed desk, while subtly but firmly expressing your love for your favorite fandoms.

  • Companion cube ceramic coin bank ($63) by jadeflower
  • This cool coin bank is the closest thing to a companion cube paperweight that etsy has to offer. It's assembled from 59 individually hand-cut pieces of ceramic clay, and glazed in grey and pink.

  • Yellow floppy disk notebook ($6) by heavensentcrafts
  • You'll never scramble for a scrap of paper again with this floppy disk notebook, and you'll simultaneously alert everyone to your nostalgia for the simpler days of computing.

  • GEEK bookends ($19.99) by KnobCreekMetalArts
  • These bookends are made from solid steel, and proclaim your geek pride for all to see. Use them to prop up your 16th-century French poetry books, or your collection of Python manuals.

  • Microscope graphic illustration messenger bag ($24) by happyfamily
  • Every geek with gear knows the need for a good bag for carrying it all around, and this cotton messenger bag with a hand-printed image of a microscope is a great solution.

  • Star Wars Empire Strikes Back picture frame ($8) by strwrsguy
  • This frame, decoupaged with comics, screencaps and concept art from Star Wars is a great nod to everyone's favorite of the trilogy, and it makes a nice surround for your favorite 4x6 photo as well.

  • Plants vs Zombies peashooter plant buddy ($5.50) by 8bitclassics
  • The peashooter is one of the first weapons you get in the game Plants vs Zombies, and what better way to protect your desk from the walking dead -- and introduce a bit of green -- than through this plant buddy?

  • Metal Geek Clock by ($49.99) by YOUgNeek
  • Show off your appreciation for clever design with this brushed metal clock, which uses mathematical symbols and constants instead of standard numbers, ie Archimedes' constant instead of 3.

  • Choose your weapon zippered pencil pouch ($10) by NausicaaDistribution
  • The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and this cool pencil pouch proves it to everyone who lays eyes on it.

  • Arrested Development mug - Buster ($14) by DailyGrinder
  • Bearing one of the funniest characters from one of the most brilliant-but-cancelled television shows ever, this mug will bring a wistful smile to your face every time you fill it with coffee. If you don't like Buster, you can commission a unique design from the seller. Maybe one with Gob under the caption, "I've made a huge mistake"?

  • Android pillow ($21.99) by Craftsquatch
  • Make your chair or home office sofa a bit more comfy with this cool fleece pillow, hand-crafted with the image of the friendly green Android. Also comes in logos for social media sites and services like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

  • Pythagorean Theorum coffee cozy ($8) by NausicaaDistribution
  • If you eschew mugs for Starbucks cups (or their ceramic versions), and want to show off your mathematical prowess in a subtle way -- this coffee cozy, embroidered with the formula for the Pythagorean Theorum -- is for you. Would also make a great gift for your favorite coffee-loving mathematician.

  • Set of 4 Portal coasters ($12.99) by annielovesdaisies
  • Prevent moisture rings on your desktop and remember the rules of the game all at the same time with these Portal-themed coasters. Huge success!

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