Whether it is a gift for the host or hostess of the evening, or the perfect holiday gift for a decor-junkie, handmade is always a great route to go. This roundup showcases some beautiful handcrafted items that keep you out of the malls and in the good graces of the recipient.
  • These adorable painted miniature houses make for a great token gift that won't take up too much space in a home. From The Haunted Hollow Tree, who also offers really interesting pyrography and mixed media works.
  • Suite One Studio offers this sweet set of four handmade plates with a beautiful aqua glaze. Perfect for the perpetual host or avid cook!
  • Give back the warm welcome with this woven Manila doormat. Karens Rope Work is a shop full of nautical themed pieces, no doubt inspired by the fact that she used to be a sailor!
  • This beautiful Great Big Bottle of Air Plant, by Tortoise Loves Donkeywould make the perfect gift for, oh, I don't know, someone who manages to kill all other plants?!? (Me!?!) Or really anyone who loves a striking but simple centerpiece.
  • Isabelle Bramson creates intricate and delicate hand carved porcelain pieces, like this 6" x 3" white lattice bowl. This would fancy up any table!
  • Less and More created this simple, minimal, yet stylist wall clock out of solid oak. The clean style translates easily to many different interior styles, and would be a welcome addition to many homes.
  • The folks at Bark Decor create amazing products, like this throw pillow, using eco-friendly techniques, but still manage to keep their prices reasonable!
  • This intimately sized hand-sewn embroidery piece is a sweet gift for all sorts of folks--I can think of 10 friends, off the top of my head, that would love one! Merriweather Council makes them in a myriad of colors, as well, for all sorts of personalities.
  • I can see this mobile in a child's room as easily as in a grown-up room! Sweet handmade gift that helps make a house a home, from Creator B.
  • Handmade in their Vancouver workshop, Gwyneth and Tamra craft these wooden trays out of 100% North American White Oak. Breakfast in bed, anyone!?!

Images: As credited above.