While antiquing in Michigan last summer, I found a gorgeous vintage alarm clock from France. I knew my husband would love it, so I bought it for him for his birthday. Recently, I found another wonderful one I couldn't pass up and now, I keep noticing vintage clocks all over the place. With their unique faces and shapes, they look good just about anywhere, from bookshelf displays to tablescapes to the kitchen counter.

Four out of five of the clocks in this roundup are made by Westclox, the iconic clock company started in 1884 in Peru, Illinois. Westclox is best known for their Big Ben and Baby Ben clocks, which have spawned hundreds of imitations. However, they also manufactured some cool plastic clocks with clean faces and bright colors. The random Soviet clock was just too pretty not to include.

1. Vintage Slava Clock from Clockwork Universe, $35
2. Big Ben by Westclox from Cottage Farm, $28.
3. Light blue plastic clock by Westclox, from Modfolk, $18.
4. 1920's Big Ben by Westclox, from Hula Hoop Vintage $20
5. Streamlined plastic clock by Westclox from Manstuff, $20.