Eva Schildt's Umbrella Stand

Eva Schildt's Umbrella Stand

Oct 22, 2007

While the sun is shining today, we know that last week's rain was just the start of our wet season in the Bay Area.

In an attempt to make lemonade out of the lemons that rainy season is to us, we think some well designed home accessories may help us get through this winter, and possibly even (if it's possible) leave us with something to look forward to this season. Eva Schildt's Umbrella Stand may be the ticket we're looking for.

A little bit of humor, a lot of design loveliness, the piece is certain to make a statement in your entry hall, and we think putting wet umbrellas to dry on the giant sponge could bring a little sunshine to our next rain-soaked day.

Available for $150 at SFMOMA Museum Store.


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