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Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The fact that we only have 1 bedroom is made up for with the original details throughout. All of the wood was kept in pristine condition and though we live in a garden apartment, we get decent light and have relatively high ceilings. Though we fantasize about houses, it is nice to be able to simultaneously use the "dining room" and "living room" when entertaining, especially because we were able to fit a normal size dining table. There is also a half room which we've turned into a walk-in closet which can feel quite luxurious. I also love that little by little, we're becoming surrounded by DIY projects that we just adore living with!
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
One of the bigger bummers of small space living here has been the bedroom. We both would have loved more furniture in here, including nightstands and eventually plan to solve that with metal wire baskets nailed to the wall, as there's barely room to walk around to our sides. We're definitely used to living in small spaces and this is actually the biggest apartment I've lived in. Though we still have one big room serving as the living, dining and office space, this time we're not bumping into things. However, I would say the biggest challenge of this apartment is the bathroom, which, coming in just under 2.5ft, belongs in a dollhouse. This we solve by making a joke of it.
If I am the Grand Prize winner of Small Cool, the item(s) or project(s) from my home design wishlist that I'd like to spend my winnings on are::
With the winnings I would love to get a nice designer piece that's worth something, like a Kofod Larsen chair...or we'd put it towards our house fund (if I don't get distracted by antiques)!