Unexpected Places to Fit a Home Office

A workspace to call your own at home is a luxury that many of us wish we had the space for. Sometimes we just have to get creative in where we tuck a home office, such as under the stairs, in a loft, or any random space we can find. Here, we explore even more ideas for fitting a workspace into your home, in places that otherwise might have been overlooked.
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In Nooks & Crannies Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have, and if it's a tiny underused nook in your home, what better way to make better use of it than to repurpose the space into a home office? There are so many wonderful examples here, there, over yonder, and more!
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In the Living Room This gorgeous space at myhomeideas.com hides the home office in plain sight right out in the living room. It can be closed off when not in use by big shutters that fit quite well with the aesthetics of the room.
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In the Laundry Room The laundry room can serve double duty without looking like a utilitarian space.
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In the GarageIf you've got a big enough garage, convert part of it into a home office space. You can paint and decorate the space so it's not an ugly unfinished garage. Make sure there's proper ventilation for your car exhaust and proper carbon monoxide detectors so you don't pass out from the exhaust fumes!

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(Images: 1. Emmas Designblogg via Apartment Therapy 2. My Home Ideas, 3. This Old House, 4. Dwell)