Event: The Floating Pool Arrives Monday!

Event: The Floating Pool Arrives Monday!

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 27, 2006

In the annals of architecture, design and civic goodness, the enormous public floating pool that is to arrive in New York Harbor on Monday has got to be up there. A dream 25 years in the making, this floating pool is modeled on the old floating pools that used to dot the river around Manhattan and give watery relief to the cities most disadvantaged residents.

Headed up by Ann Buttenweiser's Neptune Foundation, this one is merely the first installment of the Neptune Foundation's vision: to build "a new generation of movable waterfront pools for recreationally underserved communities."

The old ones used to allow river water to flow through them, but this one is totally self contained. Designed by Jonathan Kirschenfeld and Charles Cushing, the pool finishes it's 10 day trip up from Amelia, Louisiana on Monday and will be completed and opened to the public next summer. (Thanks, George!)

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