Everyday DIY Paper Decorations

Why is it kids are fascinated with paper? Cutting paper, folding paper, tearing it apart, obviously coloring on it, making swords and magic wands etc. I have to admit, it all sounds pretty good to me, too. 

Instead of fighting it, let's embrace it. Why does it have to be a special occasion in order to have paper decorations? This week, I'm throwing a DIY paper decorations after school party for my kids and their friends, so as to channel that incessant need to make paper airplanes, and having to have the environmental impact talk every time. 

These are the decorations we're going to make:

1. Lanterns, Martha Stewart
2. Cloud Mobile, HGTV
3. Snowflake Ballerinas, Good Ideas for You
4. Paper Stars, Make a Birthday Wish
5. Candle Wraps, The Country Chic Cottage 

(Images: as linked above)

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