Every Square Foot Counts: Everett's Nook

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We all have our special spots in our homes that we retreat to to relax or be by ourselves. One of our readers in Hollywood, California shared her son's little corner nook with us. It's a nice reminder that even small homes have room for special spots like this.

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J. Joseph tells us about Everett's little spot in their living room: 

We live in a condo in Hollywood so every square foot counts! We have a small corner in our living that has a built in bench to hide all of our cable wires. It's right between the TV, next to our bookcase, behind a chair. Since we don't have a playroom for Everett, we turned the little corner into a reading nook. Walking in our place you wouldn't even know it's there! It's Everett's special little spot where he sits with our dog, plays blocks, looks at books and just chills! We love the little space and it's his special little hideaway!

Thanks for sharing!

(Images: J. Joseph)

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