(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
A design and organization staple, the small storage box is a must for keeping little items at your finger tips but neatly out of view. While some wonderful ones can be found in flea markets or even in the form of packaging that gets reused (like cigar boxes or the ubiquitous orange Hermes boxes), if you are looking for a well-designed box as a special purchase, these would certainly do nicely.

1. Leopard Green Curved Box, Zhush, $240.00
2. Oblong Color Chip Box, Leif Shop, $84.00
3. Mercury Trinket Box, Anthropologie, $18.00
4. Iittala Vitriini Glass Boxes, Huset Shop, $47.25
5. Pandora Box, Jonathan Adler, $98.00
6. Quartz Box, Kathryn McCoy Design, $250.00
7. Birch Storage Boxes, CB2, $29.95 for a set of four
8. Duck Egg/Sand Stacking Boxes, Lille, $75.00 - $125.00

(Images: as linked above)