All About Bedrooms: Beautiful, Restful, Clean

Best of 2011

The bedroom is often the most private area of the home, a room that is thought of as a sanctuary and, for good health, it should function as one. Therefore, it's also a bit of a decorator's dream space, a place where you can truly follow your heart when it comes to the design and go as decadent or as refined as you wish...

• 1 Skylights Above the Bed
• 2 No Excuses: Sleep In a Clean Bedroom Tonight
• 3 Clearly Special: A Hotel Bedroom Under the Sea
• 4 Unconventional Ideas for Bedroom Lighting
• 5 Cool Bedrooms vs. Warm Bedrooms

• 6 8 Unexpected Bedroom Elements
• 7 5 Budget Bedroom Ideas from Longman & Eagle
• 8 How to Mix and Match Patterns in the Bedroom
• 9 Inspirational Bedroom Makeovers
• 10 Is Your Bedroom Off-Limits to Guests?

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Welcome to Apartment Therapy's Best of 2011 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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