Everything Old is New Again: Green and White Bathroom

Everything Old is New Again: Green and White Bathroom

Nancy Mitchell
Jul 31, 2013

It's one of the only things you can count on, besides death and taxes: when it comes to decorating, everything that was once popular, and then reviled, will inevitably come back around again. Case in point: this vintage bathroom. Although its green-and-white color scheme was actually quite restrained for the pink-tile-loving 50s, it still seems like a throwback to a forgotten era. You'd never see jade fixtures in a modern bathroom. Or would you? 

Look familiar? This light and lovely bathroom is located in a remodeled home in Brisbane (spotted in Real Living Australia, via MSN Home). The tiles and tapware are new, but the owners chose to keep the original tub and sink, making for a bathroom that feels both original and surprisingly modern. Everything old is new again. 

The top image comes from a 1956 ad for American Standard. We found it on Midcentury Home Style, worth checking out for its extensive collection of vintage interiors (including lots and lots of unusually colored bathrooms). 

(Images: as linked above)

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