Apartment Therapy reader Vincent B, commenting on a roundup I made last year of red, white and blue interiors, observed that this particular color scheme was popular in the late 60s, as well as around 1976, for the bicentennial. Here's proof, from House and Garden's Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, published in 1970. It's definitely a bold color scheme — and 70s designers were never ones to shy away from color. But could this ever work in a modern interior?

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

But of course! 44 years later, here's that same patriotic color scheme in a stylish San Diego house. The red and blue are just as bold, but a few small tweaks give this interior a distinctly modern feel.

In both rooms, red serves as an accent color, and the bold blue walls are balanced out with healthy doses of white. But in the modern interior, the introduction of other colors and textures to the mix (the light yellow print on the chair, the neutral rug, the wood on the coffee table) helps to tame the bold color scheme and soften things up a bit. (Also, in the newer space (you'll notice this if you look at the other photos of the home), the blue wall is just an accent, and the other walls in the room are white.)

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

What do you think? Do you love the new interior more? Do you find yourself drawn to the bold, no-holds-barred 70s style? Or do you love red, white and blue on bunting and boxer shorts, but not so much for interiors?

And BONUS: I spotted another old thing that is new again in the first photo: a white safari chair, looking calm and cool amidst all the color. Let's be honest: I might not paint a whole room the same cobalt blue as my sofa, but I would steal all the furniture in the 70s room in an instant. That room's got style.