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Schaghticoke, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
I just love color, but my husband and I decided to focus on the elements of the room instead of the walls recently. We painted most of the interior of our house white after having walls in every color for the last 10 years. It's funny how everything pops more now. I used to have a white wall phobia, but I think it's the perfect backdrop in here. The yellow sofa and wall mural were a big jumping off point, as well - everything fell into place after that.
Colors used in my room:
Yellow (grellow?), purple, turquoise, emerald green, fuchsia, mustard, cocoa brown, orange... pretty much every color in the ROY G BIV spectrum is represented, to be honest.
Tips for using color successfully:
My best tip is to just go with your gut - there's no hard and fast rules about what number of colors or combinations to use, and just about every rule out there can be broken. I do try to work with similar saturations of colors, though, and keep that consistent throughout the space.
Pop of Psychedelia