Story of a Table: Boards Planed and Glued

The table I am having custom-built is getting closer to its final shape; it has real legs and everything! Click through for lots more photos.

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Here's what David Ellison of The Lorimer Workshop said about this stage:

I have built your table (see attached). Still many more steps to shaping and sanding the legs, but now you can see the form. What do you think? Also, we need to communicate about stain shades. Are you trying to match or contrast flooring or other furniture?

So now we are in discussion about stain shades and such. We are planning on doing it a dark shade - not as black as wenge, but definitely a dark and rich stain.

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Also, here's a note on timing. We started talking with David about our table and other pieces around the beginning of July. We put down a deposit and signed off on the invoice a week into July. He expects to ship the pieces in the middle of August.

• Visit David Ellison and see his tables at: The Lorimer Workshop. He is based in Rhode Island, but he is shipping the furniture we ordered at a very reasonable rate.

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