Evolve Ladybug Showerhead Adaptor: Save Your Hot Water!

080609-ladybug01.jpgWe live in the front apartment in our small complex and the water heater's in the back. This means that getting the water hot enough for a shower in the morning means turning on the shower and waiting til the hot water winds its way up to us — meaning that dozens of gallons of water are literally going down the drain. Which is where the Evolve Ladybug Shower Adaptor comes in...

The Evolve Ladybug Showerhead Adaptor with ShowerStart technology recasts that scenario. It watches the shower’s temperature and “triggers a trickle” as soon as the shower is warm enough to jump in, not only eliminating waste but also saving those numerous trips back to the bathroom to check if the water's hot enough. The sound of the trickle is your signal that your shower's good to go. Installation's easy: simply fit the adaptor between the shower arm and the showerhead and voila! For more information, and to learn about ShowerStart technology, click here.