Ewaste Wildlife

Ewaste Wildlife

When old computers shut down for the last time, where do they go to die? If you can't take your electronics to a recycling center send them to Brenda Guyton, who breathes new life into them. Brenda creates unique works of sculpture, assemblage and collage constructed from computer parts. The result depicts the convergence of biological life and machine life. In her art, computer parts are combined with more recognizable features to depict an alternative view of our future evolution.

Through her art Brenda Guyton raises questions about your green future. Where will the technological journey take us? And at what cost?

K-9 is a good dog standing over his bowl of yummy computer parts. His nose made from a radar detector.

This is a family of cuddly sheep. The two lambs are covered with real lambswool, and Mama sports a lovely coat made from a collection of mops.

This jack rabbit's nose is made from a computer monitor coil. His toes are made from a hard disk drive and a floppy drive. The insides of his ears are shiny copper sheeting. He is alert and ready to thump the ground in warning.

Iguanagator is a cross between an Iquana and an Alligator. He is six feet long and a very likable fellow. "Iggy" has a distinctive head that started life as a Diablo daisywheel printer.

Working from her studio-converted garage, most of her designs are a real challenge to implement. However, her husband assists in preparing the wood structures for the sculptures. Friends supply most of her materials, but if you are interested in contributing to the cause, she is currently seeking small circuit boards—like the kind that come in clock radios, remote controls, etc. Prices range from $125-2800.

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