Expanding Water Crystals for the Garden, Seriously

Expanding Water Crystals for the Garden, Seriously

Laure Joliet
Jun 23, 2008

Expanding Crystals? Sounds like some kind of voodoo, right? Well, If this weekend was any indication of how hot it's going to be this summer, it's time to hook your plants up with some self watering technology, otherwise they're gonna fry when you leave town for the weekend. And crystals are part of our plan. Far from voodoo, they make a lot of sense:

It's called polymer gel and it's great for containers and window boxes. Each crystal of this stuff looks like raw sugar but can expand to the size of a small marble when water is added. When you mix a handful into your container garden soil (let it expand with water first before you add it to the soil), it helps the soil retain moisture, thus saving your plants from near fatal injury from the overwhelming heat. It can also free you up to do other things this summer, rather than worry if your plants are gonna make it through.

Buy them at your local nursery or order them from crystals.us.

[image from the hot potato]

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