Explore the BlackBerry App World on April 1st

Explore the BlackBerry App World on April 1st

Taryn Williford
Mar 27, 2009

No mater what you need to do—from extending your laptop keyboard with a numeric keypad to comparing prices while you're out shopping ...say it with us: There's an app for that! The iPhone has gotten a lot of press and a lot of new customers because of the ability to customize a million different useful features for your handheld with the iTunes Apps Store. So you can't blame RIM, the guys behind BlackBerry, to extend their world into the mobile application universe....

BusinessWorld is reporting that RIM is going to launch the BlackBerry App World on April 1st. The virtual software store should feel very familiar to the iTunes App Store, with a bunch of software applications designed by outside developers available for download to your mobile phone.

A quick Google search can show you that there are already plenty of downloadable applications available from third parties for use on the BlackBerry, but this is the first time that they'll all be collected and available in one place with RIM's seal of approval.

As a BlackBerry faithful that's almost jumped the shark a few times to be able to use Urban Spoon, we're hoping the day is just a coincidence and that we're not going to wake up April 1st to a "Gotcha!" press release.

[ Via Slippery Brick ]

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