Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

Exploring Design in Germany:
Traube Tonbach & Iserlohn

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 27, 2012
Looking out from the balcony at Traube Tonbach.
Greetings from Iserlohn! I'm spending this week in Germany and will be sharing photos and info as I explore. After arriving in Frankfurt on Monday, I was whisked away to Baiersbronn…

… where we spent our first night at the Traube Tonbach, a very beautiful, very traditional, and very luxurious resort hotel overlooking Germany's Black Forest.

At the hotel's spa, I experienced Dornbracht's horizontal shower, which felt to me a little bit like lying under a waterfall. In a very, very good way. I also spent the night in a very well-apointed hotel room that is probably bigger than my house, although I still haven't quite figured out the mysteries of European bedding. (What, exactly, does one do with the tiny extra pillow? Is it a sort of pillow-garnish?)

Today involved a visit to Stuttgart, where we met with the designer who created the program for the horizontal shower, and then, after a swift drive down the Autobahn, an evening in Iserlohn, at the slightly cozier but equally charming hotel Neuhaus. As a nightcap, we wrapped up our meal of German spargel (asparagus — right in season here) with a nightcap of Lösseler Waldgeist, a local liqueur that tastes a bit like Chartreuse, but piney-er. After we watched the sun set (around 10 pm!) it was off to bed. More to come!

(Images: Nancy Mitchell)

Nancy is spending this week in Germany as a guest of Dornbracht, checking out what's new with them and exploring all the best Germany has to offer.

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