Extra - Christian's Chelsea Suites

Name: Christian
Location: Chelsea, NY
Type: 1860's row house

Why I use color:

Greetings! I am sending pictures of my tiny West Chelsea studio apartment for the contest in the Fall Color Contest. The main living area is 14'x16' on the 4th floor of this 1860's row house. Fortunately it has an exposed brick wall and working marble fireplace to make up for the fact that the closet is so small. LOL!

I call it The Chelsea Suites because I have always wanted to live in a hotel and this is the size of a hotel room! Even has a "wet bar" in place of a kitchen. The design concept was for a masculine, new-modern, and cozy club room. The budget was non-existent, so Ikea helped as well as the home made 5' creme vinyl headboard. Please check out the pictures. There will be an additional e-mail with more images.

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Favorite type and brand of paint: