Extra Tasty: DIY Drinks

Extra Tasty: DIY Drinks

Janel Laban
Feb 26, 2007

The brains behind Skinny Corp. (Threadless, Naked and Angry) want you to be able to mix a decent drink. To help the cause they started Extra Tasty, an online mixology site.

It's filled with recipes which are rated by readers, which increases the chances of your guests actually enjoying that mango martini, skittle vodka (yikes!) or classic mai tai. The recipes use tags, which makes searching for options based on your favorite ingredients easy.

If your cocktail party is a last minute affair, you can use the "My Bar" function which allows you to input the stuff (liquors, mixers and garnishes) you have on hand and Extra Tasty will give you back recipes for drinks you can make with it.

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