Extreme Halloween Decorating

As we do every year, we recently decorated the front porch for Halloween. Our version of this involves a trip to the dollar store and spreading out a bunch of fake spider webs and planting a plastic tombstone. Granted, the webs are neon orange and suggest that our spiders are radioactive, but still, I think the kids and I had something a little grander in mind. If you, too, have a lot of Halloween ambition, here are some examples of homes that take their holiday decor to the next level.

  1. UFO Crash Site, Syracuse.com courtesy of Sue Thomas
  2. "Pumpkin House" in Kenova, VA (over 3,000 pumpkins!), Flickr user Frank Pierson licensed for use under Creative Commons (see the daytime version here)
  3. Ghost Maidens (+ tutorial), At Home with P. Allen Smith on YouTube
  4. Steampunk Drill, SoCal Halloween
  5. Build a Giant Tentacle Monster, Instructables User Flaming Pele

(Images: as linked above)

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