Ezra Loh - Booth #25

Ezra Loh - Booth #25

Gregory Han
Sep 25, 2012

Design: Morphological Luminescence
Materials: Acrylic glass, LED strip lighting, aluminum spacers, steel washers, aircraft cable, aluminum hollow rod

Pitch: Morphological Luminescence is a 36" pendant luminaire constructed of 93 digitally fabricated 1/8" acrylic glass components. Utilizing CAD/CAM technology, each panel has been laser cut to allow for the internal components of the luminaire such as the light source and its structural cage . By sectioning the initial form, the luminaire is essentially an algorithm of seperate components working together as one. Each digitally fabricated element when combined, transforms the luminaire into a singular element of light.


Designer: Ezra Loh
Website: NA
Location: Dallas, Texas


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