Fabric Storage Baskets

Fabric Storage Baskets

Julia Cho
Jul 25, 2008

Feeling crafty? If you are, or if you want to match a fabric to the rest of a room- these would be fun to try. They could hold items in the nursery or a child's room, or you could use them elsewhere in the house for magazines or office supplies. Here's how you make them...

What You'll Need:

1 yard of exterior fabric (1/2 yard for smaller basket)
1/2 yard of interior lining fabric
scrap of fabric for label holder
1 yard heavy stabilizer (1/2 yard for smaller basket) (I had the best luck with Super Heavy Stabilizer B0509, but you could also use Peltex 70 or Timtex. If you are unhappy with the stiffness of your basket after the basic shape is sewn, the instructions include a way to fix it with some additional interfacing.)
12" x 16" piece of closed cell foam1 for bottom (8" x 12" for smaller basket)
22" of webbing for handles (I used 1 1/4" heavy duty cotton for baskets shown above)
12" of 3/8" Heat 'n Bond Ultrahold (for the label holder).
Glue to affix inside bottom to basket (I used Tacky Glue.)

Find the complete instructions plus diagrams in the complete tutorial from JCarolinecreative.com.

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