Fabric.com: Discount Fabric

Fabric.com: Discount Fabric

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 10, 2008

Online, baby. Out for a drink last night with folks from Better Homes and Gardens who were in the city scouring for sources (BTW - went to Per Se: great drink, awful decor. Who screwed that up? It looks like mid 90's Studio Soffield/SoHo Grand Hotel). Got a great tip for fabric junkies: Fabric.com. Located in Georgia, these people sell all sorts of designer fabric at rock bottom prices, most notably many respectable cotton prints for $2.77 a yard.

The Florals above are $2.77 to $3.81 a yard, 100% cotton and come in a variety of colors. They also have more contemporary styles.

Why is this important? Say you want to cover an ugly wall and can't paint? Say you need alot of fabric for a set or any reason at all? Even at wholesale prices, it can really add up. You can play around with this stuff, try things and not break the bank. (Thanks, Leslie!)

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