I'm finally moving to the West Coast (Long Beach, CA) and I've been searching and searching for apartments that are the perfect combination of everything I love. During my search I've noticed a trend among apartments in LBC — fireplaces!

I've never had an apartment with a fireplace before so it's unfamiliar territory for me. I'm overwhelmed with excitement and the possibilites of actually residing in an apartment with a fireplace. Some have been functioning fireplaces while others are now strictly decorative — but that doesn't necessarily mean anything to me. I absolutely love the charm and character they bring to a space.

I could hang our tv above the mantel — which would also save money because I could forego an entertainment center. I could also hang a large mirror or a single piece of artwork or even a cluster of smaller pieces of artwork — I certainly own enough!

If the fireplace isn't functional there are so many options on what to put inside. I really love the look of stacks of wood filling the opening because it provides a rustic element in the polished environment.

How did you style your fireplace?

Images: 1. Abbey Goes Design Scouting, 2. via Bliss, 3. Skonahem, 4. Sketch 42, 5. DecorPad