Etsy Finds: Fabulous Handmade Furniture For Your Home

Although Etsy can be great for anything from crafts to food, there are also a number of craftsman sporting fine pieces of furniture just waiting to be discovered. We found everything from a $20,000 bed (seriously) to a great mid-century magazine rack that would look great in any home.

Although some of the pieces below can be pricier than options found at traditional retail stores, many are made with more love and care, not to mention attention to detail. If you like the style of a piece below, make sure to check out the artists shop for more pieces of the same nature.

1 Elevate Tall Cabinet: for $1,050 from Etsy seller elemento
2 Retro Mid Century Style Coffee Table: for $379.99 from Etsy seller Retroechosimplyprim
3 Classic Coffee Table: for $615 from Etsy seller eastvoldfurniture
4 Hardwood Handmade Bench: for $400 from Etsy seller Reskewedbywade
5 Dragonfly Armchair: for $1,800 from Etsy seller BrianMillspaw

6 The Marriage Bed: for $20,000 from Etsy seller CordofThreeStrands
7 ABACI Coffee Table: for $1,588 from Etsy seller mstrf
8 Bent Ply Magazine Rack: for $180 from Etsy seller svelteobjects
9 Reclaimed Metal and Wood Table: for $1,399 from Etsy seller vermontfarmtable
10 Chair Special Love Seat: for $2,500 from Etsy seller pmcustom

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images: For full image credits see links above