Faema E61 Espresso Machine

Maxwell’s Daily Find 08.24.13

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Faema E61 Espresso Machine

• $8000 to $9000
Espresso Primo

My favorite coffee shop only uses these machines, original Faema E61's, named because they marked a milestone in espresso machine history:

"In 1961, Italy experienced a total eclipse of the sun. The same year, FAEMA introduced a new espresso machine. So powerful was this event, the FAEMA E61 obscured the entire preceding generation of espresso machines."

I took this picture of the E61 at La Colombe this morning and then found one online at the link above. You can find new ones and vintage ones easily by searching around. Whether you're opening a store or want an amazing machine for your home, this will deliver the best espresso I've ever had.

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