Fairy Tale Characters: Alternatives to Disney

While we feel nostalgia for many classic Disney films, as parents a lot of those fuzzy feelings are being crowded out by their omnipresent marketing to our kids. But that doesn't mean we have to give up on our favorite fairy tale characters! We found (on Etsy, where else) some great reimaginings of favs like Snow White, Alice and Peter in affordable art prints.


1 Peter Pan by Tuesday Mourning ($20)

2 Alice: "Alice in Wonderland Print Set (4)" by The Black Apple ($42)

3 Alice: "The Queen's Croquet Ground" by Suzie Chaney ($23)

4 Goldilocks, "Someone's been sitting in my chair" by Tollipop ($20)

5 Cinderella, "C is for Cinderella" by Screening Blue Murder ($17)


6 Rapunzel by Marmee Craft ($17)

7 Hansel and Gretel by The Poppy Tree ($18)

8 Little Red Riding Hood by Beyeler ($10)

9 Little Red Riding Hood, "In the Woods" by Roadside Projects ($15)

10 Snow White by Stephanie Fizer ($20)

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