Fake It Till You Make It

Faux Architectural Accents

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We all want our homes to have great bones, but of course a place with great bones (i.e. hardwood floors, crown moldings and great old windows) isn't always in our price range. So if you've always wanted that industrial chic look or that organic zen but simply don't live there yet, you can fake it with this line of wallpapers from Graham and Brown:


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Of course, if you live in a condo in the Valley, it's going to be hard to pass it off as a converted warehouse space with exposed brick, but you might be able to work in the stones as a spot above a mantle or the wood as a Brady-esque den or home office. If you're home is lacking in any interesting surface material, or you just want to add some details, these wallpapers might be a good place to start.

Find them all here. $50/11 yards of 20" width.