Make Way for Fall Clothes: Wardrobe Storage Solutions to DIY

Make Way for Fall Clothes: Wardrobe Storage Solutions to DIY

Dabney Frake
Oct 4, 2013

The outside air's getting colder, and chances are good that you're packing up all your tank tops and now have sweaters on the brain. Smart storage strategies and these DIY projects can help you make the seamless switch between seasons, especially in small spaces.

ABOVE: Creative Clothing Racks
Don't have a closet? Clothes spilling out of the one you have? Keep your frequently worn threads handy and accessible on a free-standing clothing rack:

1. From DIY book OK comes this sculptural copper and wood creation that's pretty with or without clothes on it. From Weekday Carnival.
2. A popular technique is using plumbing fixtures to build a sturdy rack, like this rolling one from Smitten Studio.
3. A wire basket, like this one from Instructables, is a nice touch.
4. A sleeker version of the plumbing pipe project, from Love Aesthetics.
5. Suspend a simple bar from the ceiling and you have instant extra storage. From Love Aesthetics.

Inside Jobs
Revisit your closet and get smarter with the space you have by maximizing your existing closet space:

6. If you have the space for an extra bar or two, Solrum's version is simple and pretty.
7. Ana White shares plans to adapt current closet space for a kid.
8. We've featured Martha Stewart's closet pegboard before, but it's worth sharing again.
9. Instructables shares a sliding pants rack you can customize for your closet.
10. Design Build Love came up with a complete solution for under $50.