Fall Colors 2006: Finalist #8

(NOTE - We urge everyone to drink view responsibly and please enjoy the true reward of the contest: the diverse and inspirational sharing of color and homes.)

Name: Tyler
Location: Astoria, NY
Type: 1bedroom, rented monthly
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Tyler's favorite OTHER entry:

Marilyn and Peter's Home Studio Harmony. I just love the colors mixed with the natural wood pieces. And the place looks incredibly organized which is very visually appealing. They didn't use paint on the walls and still made the place incredibly bright (especially for a basement). It's a mod library heaven!

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What do you want to do next in your home, if anything, to improve it?:

I definitely want to replace the old white (now beige) IKEA sofa with something more comfortable. I also want to find more ways to live with the things that I cannot paint over or move (like the heaters in the living room and bedroom). I will always be changing my apartment...I get bored too easily so I am constantly moving accessories around the house and trying out pieces in different spaces.

- Tyler!

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