Fall Colors 2006 Finalist #12: Tricia's Dressed-up Palette

Fall Colors 2006 Finalist #12: Tricia's Dressed-up Palette

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 16, 2006

Name: Tricia
Location: Chicago
Type: 2 bedroom condo, owned
Go to: Original Entry - #8- Tricia's Dressed-up Palette

Tricia's favorite OTHER entry:

If I had to pick one it would probably be Melissa (and Jacques') Day and Night. I like the choice of blue and yellow and how fresh and clean the room feels. It like Baz Luhrmann does a Louis XIV room to me and I love that about it.

What do you want to do next in your home, if anything, to improve it?:

They say that French Cathedrals are never done. My house is certainly not a cathedral, but I feel sometimes like I could work on it for hundreds of years and never be done. The place is completely torn up right now for new flooring in the bedrooms, so in the immediate future I plan on purging as I put things back together (anyone need a 6 year old sofa?).

Next up, some Erin Adams tile in the kitchen and then I need to figure out what to do with my bathrooms. I have the plan mapped out for the dining room and second bedroom, I just need some money (or a CB2 gift certificate) to put those plans in action. And so it goes, just like a French cathedral, never done.

- Tricia

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