Fall Colors 2006 Finalist #13: Marilyn and Peter's Home Studio Harmony

Fall Colors 2006 Finalist #13: Marilyn and Peter's Home Studio Harmony

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 16, 2006

Name: Marilyn and Peter (www.f2.cc)
Location: Skokie, Illinois
Type: Ranch home, owned
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Marilyn and Peter's favorite OTHER entry:

Fuyuen and Alex's Color Haiku Loft.

Straight away, their design and color sensibilities appealed to us because they are similar to our own tastes. Their use of color and decorating style maintains a delicate balance between the influence of clean, minimal lines with a down-to-earth touch. We believe it would be relaxing and fun to be in a space like this...and it also seems like a great environment for throwing parties.

Slate grey is a fantastic color when used in the right amounts and on specifically chosen walls. Gutsy move to match it with a red like that--it totally works. And all that white in the living area is great for balancing everything out so the grey and red don't get too overbearing in the kitchen area. The expanse of white also reflects the incoming light, brightening the room and opening up the space even more.

Mismatching the chair colors at the dining area, but keeping the same style of chair is a fantastic idea that doesn't make the dining area seem monotonous and staged. We have a sitting area in our living room which is somewhat similar to their approach--a photo is included. But we did the reverse: kept the same color of chairs, yet they're different designs.

We're glad they showed two different photos each having its own lighting scheme. Rooms are often transformed by the available lighting and what one might think is "cold" can actually be very warm and inviting depending on the time of day, which lights are turned on or off, etc.

What do you want to do next in your home, if anything, to improve it?:

Our dining room needs some serious work--a fresh paint job; new lighting; new cabinetry/storage space; and of course, a new table, chairs, and tabletop items like new dishes, silverware, napkins, etc. Fuyuen and Alex's loft really inspired us to get moving on our own dining room redesign. Our dining area is a small room which is overcrowded with large, cumbersome chairs and tables, a hideous hanging lamp, and cabinetry that is old and poorly constructed. It needs streamlining in terms of how things are stored and arranged, because space is limited and we will need to use it as efficiently as possible. It's not as big a job as our studio downstairs, but it's something we've been putting off. Our glass design and art careers have been taking us away from spending very much time at home, although we plan on tackling this project very soon.

- Marilyn & Peter

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