Fall Colors 2007: The Winners!

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First Place:

What a finish! Last night at our wrap party at CB2 we were able to reveal the winners and discover that Los Angeles blew us away. With high color and a total ringer of an entry, Dan & Amy's Chinatown Loft took first place, while 2nd, 3rd, 4th are below....

A quote from one of our judges sums up the joy of well chosen color in Dan and Amy's modern family home - as The CB2 Crew says:

"It takes amazing talent to go this bold and pull such vibrant, rich colors together so well. The fun and energy is undeniable and infectious. The eclectic mix isn't overdone and complements the colors used to express their personalities. "

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Congratulations Dan and Amy, Nathaniel and Keith, Planetsusanna and Erin and Seth on your lovely colorful homes and thanks to the 110 folks who submitted and were posted in this year's contest.

It's all about sharing, and we all did it in spades this year.

And remember,

"Nothing you do for your home is ever wasted."

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