Fall Colors 2006: Finalist #7

(NOTE!!! - These are finalists and were chosen SOLELY on the basis of reader voting (which often surprises), but the winners will be chosen from this pool of 14 - hey, we expanded the pool - by our group of 6 judges (who may also surprise). We urge all nitpickers to please enjoy the true reward of the contest: the diverse and inspirational sharing of color and homes.)

Name: Becca
Location: Merrick, NY
Type: Basement 1-bdrm apt, owned (not by me!)
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Becca's favorite OTHER entry:

#2 East- Gregg & Joe’s Warm and Modern entry caught my eye from the beginning of the contest, and has remained my favorite ever since! I am a big fan of bringing the outdoors inside and they managed to create a wonderful balance of modern furnishings with a warm, bold, saturated color combination. This is not easy to do…and they went for it!

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What do you want to do next in your home, if anything, to improve it?:

I would love larger windows!!! But I am in the basement- so that’s not really an affordable or realistic option.

Since I was fortunate enough to have the chance to design this apartment from scratch, I am pretty satisfied- (I still grin every time I enter the kitchen!) Deciding a layout & a color palette was such a challenge between the lack of funds, space, and light. So, being that I moved in only about 2 months ago there are certain things that I still want to improve on in the future.

1. My “corner office” in the bedroom: Of major importance because I hate clutter & need to be comfortable at the desk. File folders/magazine bins/file boxes, a new mouse pad, a comfy desk chair…expanding on things like that would greatly improve my working conditions (and my attitude while sitting there!) Plus one of my kitchen chairs is currently moonlighting as a desk chair.

2. The far wall at the end of the pool table is begging for a large piece of artwork.

3. I am very much into details, so here are just some things that I have been craving to improve the overall look: a colorful throw blanket on the sofa, dinnerware worthy of being seen (the only plates that I currently own are melamine), and a magazine holder or two.

4. I am also working on making the entry hallway more inviting and useful. A narrow console would provide a much needed resting spot for keys or bags. And I am always struggling when I leave or come in with my hands full…

5. The unfurnished spare room off of the hallway that you can see in my video house tour. I have ideas in the works!

- Rebecca

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