Fall Colors Contest 2006: The Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners! AT:Chicago would like to thank all of the entrants for stepping up and sharing their homes - it has been an inspiring contest. We'd also like to thank the readers for choosing our fourteen finalists and the judges for choosing the four winners. Thanks to everyone who came out on a chilly night to toast the winners at our party last night and to Kafka and Provenance for the wine. Finally, a big big thanks to our contest sponsor CB2 for everything!

Quotes from the Judges on Marilyn and Peter's entry:

Jon:"It's a great example of bringing "color" through the pieces you place in the room, as opposed to painting the walls. They've chosen a family of colors that all compliment each other, and I love how it runs through and unifies each room. I could see them being able to switch pieces from room to room and having it all still look great together."

Stephanie:"Marilyn and Peter have welcomed color into their home but at an almost uniformly soft level which I think shows a keen and discriminating eye. In this style, even white very much becomes a color where it may not seem so elsewhere. This home is a perfect example to show those that fear color how the right amount and color palette can still create a soothing and calm effect."

The rest of the winning lineup is below the jump...

Second Place: Joel's Lime Loft

Quotes from the judges on Joel's entry:

Allison:"It’s damn near close to that Bronzino green I love so much. It is also clear that all the things (the pottery, the milk container collection, etc.) in Joel’s place are uniquely treasured and have a story to tell—that’s what makes a house a home in my opinion."

Stephanie:"I also like that Joel has balanced the lime green, which can be pretty overwhelming if used incorrectly, with more muted grays and browns in his furniture. There is an overall harmony here that really works to shed positive light on the lime green and to make the place feel personal and comforting."

Quotes from the judges on Geninne's entry:

Kyra and Robertson: "Geninne is fortunate enough to have great views and has thoughtfully chosen earthy colors and organic materials to complement her lush surroundings. Her use use of wood within the kitchen, as well as the living and dining rooms, creates a rustic modern sensibility, particularly when accented by the elements of pure, clean white."

Kate: "The balance of the chosen colors mixed with the natural landscape give this space a sense of joy of life."

Quotes from the judges on Becca's entry:

Vance:"What I like best about Becca's use of color is how she has considered the entire room, and has applied it with control. The green kitchen has just enough green to pop with those silver appliances, and doesn't feel like it is about to run amok and take over the entire space."

Kyra and Robertson: "We first recognized her for her smart use of green in her kitchen, which was spirited, yet clean. She lived up to the big challenge of working with a windowless basement. The lack of any natural light forced her to select paint colors to define the space and give it life."