Fall Colors Judges: The CB2 Crew

Our final entry for this year's panel of esteemed judges is a group effort! Five creative professionals from CB2 will be working together to help us find our winners.

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Name:The CB2 Crew - Marta Calle, Sandra Malec, Judy Miller, Raymond Pitt and Ryan Turf

Location: We all live in the city of Chicago and couldn't live without its energy, creativity, and diversity.

Website: CB2

What's your favorite color?
A pop of orange against neutrals.

What's your favorite use of an interior color?
In one of our favorite stores in Milan, the walls are covered with
weathered frescos and the furniture is clean modern. The contrast is
unexpected and the combination enhances the beauty and artistry of their colors and textures.

Combined we have almost 100 years of retail experience.

Many thanks to all of our 5 judges from CB2 for joining us this year in our search for great use of color at home!


2007, Room for Color

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