Fall Colors Judges: Jonathan Lo

Name: Jonathan Lo
Location: Irvine, CA
Website: HappyMundane
Title: Art Director, Art and Editorial Director for Poplife Magazine, and Co-editor to AT:LA

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What's your favorite color?


What's the best use of interior color you've ever seen?

"It's hard for me to single out only one example. The first thing that comes to mind, where I've consciously noted "wow- the colors are amazing"- is actually referenced in entry #39 (Andrea's "anti-cubicle" whimsical studio".) The movie "Down with Love" had amazing sets that paid homage to the stylish 60's..."

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Every set in that movie was spectacular and inspiring. Whether it was pastels and brights, or rich, saturated darks, every location seemed like it was its own character. Another great example can be seen in any film by Pedro Almodovar. He always uses vivid colors mixed with mod kitschy decor that always makes me want to jump on a plane to modern day Madrid immediately!"

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Bio: Jonathan came to us first as a reader turned contest entrant who stunned us with his beautiful use of color in last year's Color Contest. When looking around for an editor for the site, we could think of no one who better represented the spirit and the style of Southern California (or at least a part of it!). We soon found that his talents were many and that as a graphic designer he was responsible for PopLife and a host of other client's work.

We expect him to root for his hometown and to look for the most optimistic and sunny use of color.

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