Fall Colors Midwest Finalist Entry: Erin and Seth's Home of Happiness

Fall Colors Midwest Finalist Entry: Erin and Seth's Home of Happiness

Janel Laban
Nov 14, 2007

Here is the last of our 4 midwest finalists. Our judges are making the final decisions, but your comments can help them out...

Name: Erin and Seth
Location: Chicago
Type: 3 bedroom, owned
Go to: Erin's Original Entry

Erin's favorite OTHER entry:

ChrisToronto's Winter Antidote - This place is more traditional and formal in style than ours, but I see good doses of mid-century style throughout. We respond much better to a mixture of eras than to something that is, for example, straight out of the fifties, and this place is a well-done example of that combination. It also doesn't hurt that its predominant color is the one towards which I am always attracted: orange.

Tell us about your favorite colorful object in your home:

This was a difficult question given my tendency to gravitate towards colorful objects, but our favorite is probably the teal dresser our guest bedroom. It was originally a matte black dresser that one of my girlfriends purchased via Craigslist. We helped her move it into her old place and it served as her entertainment center for a while. The paint was pretty beat up and she intended to repaint it but eventually moved back to New Orleans before doing so. When she left she gave us the dresser to do what we wished with, and we decided to boldly paint it the glossy teal that kept popping up throughout our new condo. Our guest bedroom is small and we didn't want to overwhelm it with color, so, in my attempt to be a bit more neutral, I agreed to do one navy wall in a tan room as long as the teal dresser could pop against a tan wall. Repainting the dresser was a fair amount of work, but it turned out well, and the color highlights the interesting handles. Eight months later, it continues to make us smile when we walk in the room!

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